Our history

The ICMSA was founded in 1994 as the International Paying Agents Association (IPAA). As the work of the IPAA expanded, covering an increasing number of roles in the administration of International Capital Market Issues, the association sought to recognise the expansion of the association.

On February 26 2004, the IPAA (with nine members) made a decision to widen the remit of the association and admit associate members. The IPAA changed its name to the International Capital Market Services Association – ICMSA, creating a Trade Association to reflect the evolving International Capital Markets and providing a formal platform for service organisations.

In 2009, with 27 members (14 full and 13 associate) all contributing to the work of the association the need to distinguish between two levels of ICMSA membership was deemed no longer necessary and all members were granted equal status in the association.

ICMSA incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee on 19th December 2014 – Company number 09362312